I took Molly back to the vet today to have her nail looked at again.

Molly had another vet appointment this morning. I had been instructed to make sure Molly was starved before the appointment just in case they needed to keep her in for treatment. Molly was not happy about missing her breakfast; she’s dominated by her stomach! I even resorted to taking her in the garden on lead to stop her eating grass.

The vet looked at her nail and was happy to see that the swelling had gone down. I informed him that we had been unable to walk Molly as the nail bled even on the shortest of walks. As a result of this, the vet decided he would keep her in to sedate her and trim the broken nail. The vet actually gave her a sedative injection whilst I was still with Molly. He then took her into the back of the building to allow the sedative to take effect.

I called the vet at just after 12.30pm and was informed that Molly was now awake and doing well. I could go down between 1 and 1.30pm to collect her.

Molly didn’t look very happy at all when the nurse brought Molly out into the reception area. She had apparently refused to sit or lie down after waking up. She was clearly very tired but fighting it. Her little legs were collapsing with exhaustion but she still refused to sit or lie down while I settled the bill.

Molly walked quite happily back to the car. I then lifted her into the boot as she was in no shape to attempt to jump.


Once home, Molly went straight into the conservatory and lay down on one of the beds. She was asleep almost instantly. I kept Hank out of the conservatory at this point. All he wanted to do was say hello but Molly wasn’t in any state to deal with a big clumsy young dog.

Molly stayed on the bed for quite a while. I was keeping my eye on her from the dining room but didn’t want to keep disturbing her by being in the same room with her.

After a couple of hours, she accepted a handful of kibble and a couple of spoons of bone broth. She stayed on the bed to eat and then went back to sleep.

This evening

My husband and I decided to make the most of Molly resting and took Poppet and Hank for a walk. By the time we returned, Molly was clearly feeling a lot better and had jumped up on to the sofa.

Molly was clearly still very tired but was now starting to show more interest in life and would lift her head when the fridge door opened. Always a good sign with Molly!

Later on my husband and I went upstairs to do some work. A few minutes later there was a pitter patter of feet coming up the stairs. Molly had decided to join us. She put herself in her crate to continue to rest.

Molly has cried a few times this evening which is understandable. She just wants attention and for us to be close to her. She ate a small dinner and has been outside for a toilet break. Molly is now tucked up on her bed; she should sleep well tonight!

Check Up

Molly needs to go back to the vets on Thursday evening. The nurse will remove her dressing and check the nail. In the meantime Molly has more antibiotics to take and has to have a bag put on her foot when she goes outside.