Molly has been on antibiotics recently due to her broken nail. These came in the form of giant tablets!

Tablets can be difficult to get into some dogs. Luckily, I have a method which generally works 99% of the time with Molly.

Firstly, I take a piece of thinly cut meat and tear or cut it into smaller pieces. This time around I used some left over beef from a Sunday roast. I need 9 pieces of meat in total.

I then apply a small dollop of cheese spread to each of the pieces of meat.

After that I break the antibiotic tablets in half and place half a tablet in the middle of 3 of the dollops of cheese spread.

The next step is very important! I wash my hands to get rid of the smell and residue of the tablets. After that, I place one of the other pieces of beef/cheese on top of each of the tablets and squeeze them together to form a pill pocket. I also fold the other 3 non tablet pieces of meat over to form dummy treats.

Molly can usually be found right by my side when I’m preparing these treats. I give Molly one of her tablet treats at the same time as I give Poppet one of the dummy treats. Molly doesn’t question it and just swallows them down. It’s very useful having an additional dog that likes food at times like this!

If Hank is close by I will also make him a couple of dummy treats to have after the girls have had theirs.