I recently purchased a Bullymake subscription box for Hank. I decided to go with just the toys rather than treats due to his intolerances.

The toys Hank currently had were very well used and getting to the point where they needed to be thrown away. I had considered trying a Bullymake box on a number of occasions and finally decided to go for it.

Initially, there was a mix up with my order and it didn’t end up getting dispatched until 3 weeks after I placed it!

Initial thoughts…

I was actually quite disappointed when the parcel first arrived. The toys were a lot smaller than I had expected, considering that this is marketed for power chewers! Hank loves boxes so we decided to let him open it. However, he showed very little interest in it at all! That’s very strange behaviour for Hank. Overall, the first impressions were not great at all and I really thought it was a waste of money.

A few weeks later…

It’s now been a little while since we received the parcel and all of the toys have survived! Both Molly and Hank have taken a liking to them. The hammer appears to be Molly’s favourite but the ruler appears to be used the least, maybe because it’s not a very interesting shape?

The toys have held up a lot better than I had expected given their size. Hank chews on the toys regularly and they are still in pretty good shape. The rubber ball is kept separate and only given to Hank as part of his meals. He has to be strictly supervised with this as it is smaller than I would have liked for a dog of his size.


It was worth the experiment but it is not something I would purchase on a monthly basis. I’d maybe get one once or twice a year purely because of the toys all being different.