Elimination Diet

Elimination Diet

31 August was the end of Hank’s 3 month elimination diet.

During those 3 months, Hank had been on a very strict food regimen. The elimination diet had to avoid chicken, beef, white fish, oats and apple cider vinegar. There were also a range of other minor items to steer clear of.

During the elimination diet, Hank was being fed on Millies Wolfheart Pork & Veg kibble. He could have his supplements and a few select treats. Although, I did have to change the ingredients in his bone broth and also the joint supplement he was taking.

I have to say though, it has definitely been worth it! Hank’s digestive system is now a lot more settled and we are now able to pick up after him without issue. He also appears to be filling out a little and is no longer a walking rack of ribs!

We will continue to avoid as many of the ingredients as possible, especially the beef, chicken and white fish.

We are now in the process of slowly introducing a Lamb & Veg kibble. We are deliberately making the change at an extremely slow pace as we do not want to undo all of the hard work. Lamb is not on Hank’s list of intolerances and so there isn’t a reason why he should have a bad reaction to it. So far, things are going very smoothly.

I eventually hope to be able to also try him on a Duck & Veg kibble but will give him a few weeks on the Lamb & Veg first.