Poppet has been suffering with some localised irritation recently.

Poppet has a heavily hooded vulva (great subject, I know!) which can cause her problems from time to time. The hot weather in August caused her to have some irritation in the area which we tried to get under control. Unfortunately, everything we tried including her steroid cream made very little difference.

The one day the whole area was red raw and looked very sore indeed so I made an appointment with the vet. I took poppet to the vet the next day.

Poppet received a full examination and the vet said the area was ulcerated! The vet gave Poppet a steroid injection and sent us home with antibiotics and some more cream. Poppet was very good during her time with the vet. She wasn’t best pleased at having her temperature taken but stood there like a very good girl. She also didn’t squeal when she had her injection (Greyhounds can be serious wimps!).

Just before the end of the appointment, Poppet got the chatters. I had to explain to the vet that this was a sign that she was happy and contented. The vet isn’t used to seeing chattering Greyhounds.

Poppet had to take the antibiotics twice a day for 10 days. She has now finished the course and the irritation has disappeared. I’m sure Poppet must feel a lot more comfortable now! The tablets did have a bit of an adverse effect on her digestive system but that’s not uncommon.

Poppet’s problem was potentially made worse by the fact that Hank seems to constantly have his nose in her bits! I know he’s a young male and his hormones are running crazy but he’s going to have a very long wait for her to come into season!