A New Bed

A New Bed

Molly and Hank have both had memory foam beds for quite a while now but Poppet still had a soft stuffed bed. We decided it was time that Poppet had a new bed.

We purchased the large PetFusion memory foam bed. The idea that this bed has sides appeal to us as Poppet seems to likes being surrounded when she sleeps. Our only real concern was the fact that the outer material was not particularly soft or fluffy.

The bed was delivered with simple straight forward assembly instructions. This meant that it was put together and in her place in our bedroom within a few minutes.

We had intended to cover the bed with a towel or blanket but Poppet jumped in before we even got that far! Poppet seemed very happy in the bed. However, we did have an episode of pawing and trying to make a nest during the night. We knew then that we would have to cover it with a soft blanket just to make it a little more comfortable for her!

Overall, Poppet seems very happy with it. We’ve even found Molly sleeping in there on a few occasions! The memory foam seems to be good quality and feels quite dense. The outer cover seems quite hard wearing but does need to be covered for Poppet’s delicate skin. We are aware that there is another colour option for this product that comes with a soft feel top section. However, we didn’t think it was a practical colour and would get dirty very quickly.

Only time will tell now just how durable this bed actually is. Fingers crossed that it lasts a couple of years!