It’s a typical Monday in our house.

6.00am Monday morning is always an undesirable time! That’s when the alarm clock goes off and signals the start of another busy week.

It was cold this morning but at least it wasn’t pitch black outside due to the clocks changing yesterday. The girls came downstairs with me as usual. I headed straight into the kitchen to start preparing their breakfast, while they curled back up on the sofa for a nap. Hank decided to follow us this morning and went straight to the back door.


I wasn’t alone in the kitchen for very long; Molly came running the second she heard me open her food container. A few minutes later, their breakfasts were ready. Molly is always very eager to get any form of food. You would seriously think she was never fed! Molly watched me place Poppet’s bowl, then followed me to her own eating position before waiting nicely for permission to eat. By this point Poppet had made her way over to her bowl. She usually takes a minute or two to decide if breakfast is worth the effort. I think the smell of sardines won her over!

Hank had decided that it was a nice morning to lie on the patio. Not a great idea with his bad hips! I went to the door and showed Hank his bowl. Typical stubborn boy just lay there looking at it. I shut the door and walked back into the kitchen. Hank soon got up and asked to be let in.

Molly had already finished eating so I let her out before going to Hank’s feeding position. We always hold Hank’s bowl when he eats as we find feeding time is a great bonding time.

When all the dogs have finished eating, they all settle down for a nap while we get ourselves ready for the day ahead. Poppet will often go back upstairs and jump on our bed at this time.


Once my husband has left for work, my attention turns to walkies. At this time of the year, this can sometimes be a real chore. Thankfully this Monday wasn’t one of those days!

I always walk the dogs one at a time during the week. I feel it’s better for them to have the individual attention and quite frankly, Molly and Hank are just too strong for me to walk them with Poppet.

Molly’s walk is usually quite straight forward. She prefers to head to an area where she can have a little off lead time and follow her nose. We have a lot of wildlife aswell as other dogs around here so there are a lot of different scents around. It’s also a great place for me to be able to get a better idea of the weather while I walk the other two dogs. This morning was very crisp with mist over the fields in the distance.

Monday 28 10 2019 view

Poppet is always second. She had a very lively pace to her this morning, she clearly didn’t know it was Monday! Poppet was very bouncy and playful on her walk, it was very clear to see that she was enjoying walking through the frosty grass. She kept bouncing and hoping and was generally full of life. I normally take Poppet on a circular walk through the housing estate and part of the local conservation area. Poppet loves to sniff and scent mark along the way.

Hank is always last during the working week. I usually let him decide which route he wants to take. Most decisions are usually made because he is following a scent or because he’s spotted a person. Hank’s breed love to watch what’s going on in their surroundings. Hank is no different and likes to follow people to see where they go. I do still have to be a little careful with Hank as we are working on his behaviour around other dogs. Sometimes a minor detour is required. On most of these occasions, he will still be able to see the other dog, it just gives us a little more space and allows for a more neutral response from Hank.

Nap Time

Once everyone is walked, it’s time for the dogs to settle down for a nap. I usually find that I have at least one dog keeping me coming in the office while I work. As I type this, Hank is snoring away on the sofa behind me. Molly and Poppet are downstairs in the conservatory.